FSA Living DAC

  • FSA Living DAC
  • FSA Living DAC
  • FSA Living DAC
  • FSA Living DAC
  • FSA Living DAC
  • FSA Living DAC


FSA Living DAC


Living DAC Is a small size 192Khz/24Bit DAC , With three sets of optic input, a set of coaxial input, a set of RCA Output , housing made of aluminum to make the appearance look simple and generous to isolate outside noise, Living DAC Can easily with optic and coaxial integrated the sound device, common household devices with optical fiber and coaxial 、PS3 、 BD PLAYER 、 PC 、 CD PLAYER Device can be used, and Living DAC At the same time a professional digital signal transfer analog signals equipment, to better quality sound, thereby enhancing the overall sound system sound. Also can be used with Living AMP combinations handy, good quality sound system.


Amplifier Structure: Low pass filter with 2Vrms output
* Power Structure: Virtual-Ground power supply
* Support Format: 24-bit / 192kHz (MAX)
* Circuit Protect: Output short / over current protect
* Receiver Chip: AKM - AK4113
* DAC Chip: TI - PCM1754
* LPF OPAmp: TI - DRV603

Audio Performance (1kHz sine wave, 2Vrms output, 24-bit / 48kHz)

Frequency response (From 40Hz to 15kHz): 40Hz +0.01dB, 15kHz -0.03dB
Noise level (1kHz, A-Weighted): -112.6dB
Dynamic range (1kHz, A-Weighted): 112.4dB
THD%: 0.0018%
Stereo crosstalk: -109.7dB


* Digital Input: 1 of Coaxial jack, 3 of Optical jack
* Line Output: 1 of RCA jack

System Requirements

* Using in any digital equipment with coaxial / optical output function, max format support 24-bit / 96kHz




* LivingDAC
* DC5V 1A power adapter
* RCA wire
* User manual
* Warranty card


* Weight: 678g
* Net Weight: 316g

* Size(H*W*D): 308mm * 201mm * 65mm
* Net Size: 107mm * 80mm * 53mm


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