Audioengine P4 Passive Bookshelf Speakers

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  • [Premium Quality Audio Speakers, Headphones, & Amplifiers] - NZ Audio
  • [Premium Quality Audio Speakers, Headphones, & Amplifiers] - NZ Audio
  • [Premium Quality Audio Speakers, Headphones, & Amplifiers] - NZ Audio
  • [Premium Quality Audio Speakers, Headphones, & Amplifiers] - NZ Audio


Audioengine P4 Passive Bookshelf Speakers

  • Available as duo speakers (Left and right).
  • The full package is included in the box.
  • Free shipping available within New Zealand.
  • NZAudio guarantees the quality of the products we sell.

If you’ve listened to and enjoyed powered Audioengine speakers in the past, your encounter with the company’s passive designs will be set to fabulous. The P4 passive speakers are full-sounding bookshelf speakers in a satellite-sized package. Audioengine designed P4 as a small but powerful bookshelf speaker for people who already have surround receivers or amplifiers and are looking for the same Audioengine sound and quality in a passive loudspeaker.


The P4 passive speakers are a perfect fit for digital hybrid amplifiers (Class-D, Class-T, etc.) as well as most stereo receivers, integrated amps and tube amplifiers. Each hand-crafted cabinet houses a 4″ Kevlar woofer and a 0.75″ silk dome tweeter, designed to provide a full frequency response with plenty of detail. The Audioengine P4 has a 4-ohm impedance rating but will sound great when connected to almost any receiver or power amp with the same impedance value and as well  6 or 8-ohm speaker output impedance.

Part of the Family

Be it active or passive speaker models, Audioengine gives you same audio quality and hi-fi experience. The models share a similar “voicing” and overall tuning so that you have assured a matched system no matter which of our speakers or Audioengine wireless adapters you decide to add to your system. They offer real value for your money.

More Quality and Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier, P4 works with digital hybrid amplifiers, stereo and surround sound receivers, integrated and tube amplifiers, and whole-house music systems. It has Bass-reflex port that provides an additional bass response. Buyers can also enjoy standard 5-way binding post connectors for use with a variety of sound systems. P4 can be placed on a shelf or stand or mounted on a wall as it is a befitting addition to the initial design.


4″ 2-way passive, front ported design
Hand-built and custom finished cabinets
5-way gold-plated binding posts
Silk dome tweeters and Kevlar woofers
Excellent performance for music and movies
Wall mount, stand or shelf placement

Works with

Digital hybrid amplifiers (Class-D, Class-T, etc.)
Stereo and surround sound receivers, integrated amps, tube amplifiers
Whole-house music systems such as the Sonos ZonePlayer 120

What’s in the box

(2) P4 Passive Speakers
(2) Drawstring Cloth Speaker Bags
(2) High-density foam isolation pads (attached)
(1) Setup Guide
(1) Product line brochure



2-way passive, front ported design


88dB (2.83v@1m)

Frequency response


Nominal Impedance

4 Ohms

Crossover Frequency

2.8 kHz

Amplifier Power

10-125W per channel


4″ Kevlar woofers
3/4″ silk dome tweeters


9.5mm thick MDF cabinets


Gold-plated, 5-way binding posts

Magnetically Shielded

Weight (each)

2.75 kg (6 lbs)

Total shipping weight

7.25 kg (16 lbs)

Dimensions (each)

228 (H) x 140 (W) x 165 mm (D) (9 x 5.5 x 6.5″)

Shipping box dims

330 (H) x 460 (W) x 228 mm (D) (13 x 18 x 9″)

Finish Options

Satin Black, Hi-Gloss White, Solid Carbonized Bamboo

Wall or Ceiling Mount

The P4 speakers include two standard 1/4″ threaded inserts on the rear panel and another insert on the bottom of each P4 cabinet for attaching a speaker mount or bracket. We recommend using products by companies such as OmniMount or Sanus. Before installing mounts or brackets make sure you consult all documentation and carefully follow the installation instructions.

Custom Built

Audioengine designs and manufactures our own tweeters, woofers, and many other critical components. In other words, these are not “box built” speakers with off-the-shelf parts but entirely custom-designed to our specifications. What we do not fabricate directly in our factory we have custom-made to our designs. The cabinets, drivers, bass port designs, and crossovers are all painstakingly tuned together for each model.


Audioengine uses audiophile quality, ferro fluid cooled, silk dome tweeters with Neodymium magnets. Silk tweeters hold up well under high power and the edge-driven design gives very smooth response. The woofers are Kevlar woven glass aramid composite with rubber surrounds. Kevlar is obviously very strong, which means that the woofer retains its shape when being driven at high levels. The speaker materials and construction are robust enough to stand up to some serious thrashing, so speaker grills aren’t needed. In other words, we did our homework on the speaker drivers and they will sound and look great after many years of use.


To minimize unwanted resonances and distortion, Audioengine cabinets have thick high-resin MDF walls with extensive internal bracing. Heavy internal sound-damping material is used to reduce unwanted sound reflections inside the cabinet. All cabinet edges are rounded which look great and reduce high-frequency diffraction effects on the front baffles. The P4 cabinet contains tuned, front-port slots.


Both drivers are directly magnetically shielded which allow you to place the speakers within a few inches of a video monitor. This shielding also offers protection for hard drive-based digital music players.

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