Audioengine Ds2 Desktop Stand (Pair)


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The Audioengine DS2 Desktop Stands were designed to make the best of a desktop setting by giving audio and hi-fi lovers the best experience and aiming the speakers higher. Audioengine DS2 Desktop Stands complement and work best with larger speakers like the P4 and A5+.

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Product Description

Elevate Your Audio

Aside from the complementing features of the unique Audioengine DS2 Desktop Stands, the DS2 brings the tweeters closer to ear level and reinforces the frequencies that make up your music’s sound stage.

The Benefits of Isolation

Audioengine DS2 is made of a high-performance silicon rubber, and it helps dampen vibrations between your speakers and desk. The DS2 gives you a cleaner, more accurate, low-end output.


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Highet Agencies Ltd trading as NZ Audio.

Christchurch, New Zealand.

August 2017.


High-performance silicon rubber


15 degrees

Product dimensions
2.25″(H) x 5″(W) x 7.75″(D)

0.5 lbs (.23kg) each

Shipping Weight
1.10 lbs (0.5kg)

Shipping box dimensions
3.5″(H) x 5″(W) x 8″(D)


15 degree slope
High-performance silicon rubber

Audioengine A5
Audioengine A5+
Audioengine P4
Larger desktop or bookshelf speakers

(2) DS2 Desktop Stands