Product Description

LCD-4 – The New Reference Standard Planar Magnetic Headphone. The LCD-4, Audeze’s new reference headphone, is the result of dedicated research and development and advancements in materials science.

WRITERS CHOICE AWARD at HEADPHONE GURU – “If you are looking for the one of only a very select pair of headphones at the apex of personal audio, look no further than the LCD-4s!”…PETER PIALIS – HEADPHONE GURU

“The new Audeze stands up to high benchmarks set by the LCD line and exceeds expectations with its top quality build, rich mids and organic realism.”

“There was a spaciousness that was not only expansive front-to-back, but the width of the portrayed soundscape was equally expansive.”….PETER PIALIS – HEADPHONE GURU

It features our amazingly thin nano-grade diaphragms and unique Double Fluxor magnet arrays for the most powerful magnetic flux density in existence, an incredible 1.5 Tesla!

It also features a new comfortable suspension-type carbon fiber and leather headband and delivers breathtaking high resolution sound, imaging and transparency, with exciting dynamics.

It sounds incredibly open in the midrange and treble, and coupled with Audeze’s powerful bass removes the boundaries between artist and listener.

It outperforms any other in its class like electrostatics or dynamic driver headphones. The LCD-4 is the most advanced planar magnetic technology to date.