Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speakers


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Product Description

Audioengine 5+ (A5+) Premium Powered Speakers are riding the wave of interest in digital music. The large powered speaker gives impressive sound on a budget to play any music source via the 3.5mm inputs. Enjoy audiophile-quality sound and great features at a price that continues to set the standard for affordable, high-quality audio. Connect your iDevice, computer, TV or any other audio component for great stereo sound in any room.

Affordable Audio

The A5+ speakers are light on their feet, sound subtle and boast impressive dynamics. Their sonic scale is striking for the money, happily filling your room better than similarly sized iPod docks. The new A5+ has the same award-winning signature sound as the original A5 but includes customer-requested upgrades and features. The upgrade is timely and worthwhile for the A5+ which makes them a must for any desktop speaker shortlist.


One of the key things to note about Audioengine speakers is that they are bookshelf-style speakers masquerading as PC or “multimedia” speakers. With custom Kevlar woofers, silk dome tweeters, and hand-built cabinets, the Audioengine 5+ includes a remote control, dual audio inputs, and enhanced thermal management. It allows you to charge your iDevice via the USB power port and also add a subwoofer to the variable output. To achieve an even higher level of sound quality, you can connect Audioengine 5+ to your computer’s headphone jack or pair with a USB DAC. The Audioengine 5+ works with any computer, and there’s no software to install or settings to change.

Easy Setup

The Audioengine 5+ speakers are a similar size to the earlier 5 series, at 7 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep, but the 5+ speakers come in at 10.75 inches tall, while the older model came in at 10 inches. The speaker has built-in power amplifiers that save space and eliminate the need to connect to a stereo receiver or external power amp. For the simplicity of setup, plug the left speaker into an AC outlet and connect the included speaker wire from the left to right speaker. All internal components of the A5+ are tuned together, providing a more efficient system requiring less power than passive speakers and amplifiers. With superior stereo separation and incredible imaging, A5+ has a clear sonic advantage over boomboxes or all-in-one systems.

Small Speakers, Big Bass

As with the original A5, the low end from the A5+ is real bass, very near to the originally-recorded music. From rap to classical to movies, you’ll get tight, punchy bass with an awesome growl that will make you smile – regardless of the volume level. Audioengine says that the 5+ series has a new thermal system for keeping the amplifier cool, and the designers also changed up the connectivity a bit.

A Clearer Difference

If you are looking for enhanced audio performance and aesthetic quality, the Audioengine 5+ Premium Powered Speaker System will certainly deliver that. As expected from Audioengine, the product continues to close the gap between your computer music and home hi-fi. Even if you’re not an audio enthusiast, we guarantee your music will sound better!

Additional Information


Bamboo, Black, White



“I can say that Audioengine produces the best consumer computer speakers available in existence. And that’s saying a lot.”

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“Our current favorite pair of 2.0 PC speakers overall, the Audioengine 5+ delivers stellar sound quality, impressive bass punch, and flexible connection options.”

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“There’s a reason Audioengine has moved from a couple of guys hauling speakers to reviewers across the country to a respected brand: The company makes good stuff at reasonable prices.”

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A5+ included in Beatweek’s “Speakers + Audio, The best for 2013

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“Overall, the speakers are definitely getting a 10/10 & I would highly recommend purchasing them.”

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“Forget about the MM-1, forget about the Companion 5, forget about the BeoLab 4. If you’re looking for the best pair of all around speakers for your computer, A5+ is it.”

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“For $399, yes I’m going there, I’d say that the Audioengine 5+s give you more than you’ve given Audioengine.”

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“…the most natural-sounding stereo experience I’ve ever heard from a small system. The audio is phenomenal.”

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“These superb speakers hold the number 12 position in our Top 100 list.”

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“You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a 2.0 system that sounds better for the money and has the 5+’s connectivity options.”

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“Emphatically recommended.”

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“The A5+ represents an uncommonly good value in today’s fractured consumer audio marketplace, and a bonafide entry-level high end product.”

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“This tiny system really trumped some of the larger systems out there costing thousands more.”

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“The Audioengine 5+ is an excellent follow-on to original A5. Their rich deep bass and shimmering highs bring new life to your music library.”

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“For $399 the A5+ delivers more than enough music to be satisfying, even if you’re used to listening to far more expensive gear.”

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“Perhaps the 5+’s most dramatic aural attribute was its stereo imaging.”

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“Seldom is any product such a safe recommendation. Sure is nice when that happens.”

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“If you have the cash and are looking for something in the audiophile market, then look no further than this premium speaker set.”

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“In particular, we loved the dynamics and spatial imaging. These speakers are easy to set up, easy to use, easy on the ears.”

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“Rich, detailed, room-filling sound that bests speakers costing twice as much.”

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“The Audioengine 5+ is a superb stereo speaker set that delivers audio in a classic style that is rare these days.”

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“Their sonic scale is striking for the money, happily filling our room better than similarly-sized iPod docks.”

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A5+ makes Gizmodo’s Favorites List!

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“I have to rate the D1 and A5+ as excellent values, particularly when compared to world-class brands like Bowers & W.”




2.0 powered (active) bookshelf-style speaker system

Power Output

150W peak power total (50W RMS / 75W peak per channel), AES


3.5mm stereo mini-jack, RCA L/R


RCA variable line-out, USB (power/charge)

Input Voltages

115/240V, 50/60Hz manually switchable

Amplifier Type

Dual Class AB monolithic


5″ Kevlar woofers, 3/4″ silk dome tweeters


>95dB (typical A-weighted)


<0.05% at all power settings



Frequency response

50Hz-22kHz ±1.5dB

Input impedance

10K ohms unbalanced


Output current limiting, thermal over-temperature, power on/off transient protection, replaceable external main fuse

Dimensions (each speaker HWD)

Left – 10.75″ (27cm) x 7″ (18cm) x 9″ (23cm)
Right – 10.75″ (27cm) x 7″ (18cm) x 7.75″ (20cm)

Weight (LEFT speaker)

15.4 lbs (7 kg)

Weight (RIGHT speaker)

9.6 lbs (4.4 kg)

Shipping weight

31 lbs (14 kg)

Shipping box dims

15″ (38cm) x 22″ (56cm) x 11.5″ (29cm)

Finish options

Satin Black
Hi-Gloss White
Solid Carbonized Bamboo

Power Consumption

Idle: 10W
Mute: 6W
Sleep: 4W

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F
Non-operating temperature: -4° to 113° F
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

Materials and Construction

Solid Carbonized Bamboo cabinets
3/4″ silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets
5″ Kevlar woofers with advanced voice coils
Torroidal power transformer

Included Accessories

(1) Remote control
(1) Speaker wire (16AWG), 3.75 meters (~12.3ft)
(1) Detachable power cord
(1) Mini-jack audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5ft)
(1) RCA to RCA audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5ft)
(2) Cloth speaker bag
(1) Cloth cable bag
(1) Setup Guide
(1) Product line brochure

Custom Built

Audioengine designs and manufactures our own tweeters, woofers, and other critical components. In other words, these are not “box built” speakers with off-the-shelf parts but custom-designed to our specifications. What we do not fabricate directly in our factory we have made to our designs (parts such as transformers, magnets, and wiring harnesses, for example). The cabinets, drivers, bass port designs, amplifiers, and crossovers are all painstakingly tuned together for each Audioengine model. This, in turn, makes for a much more efficient system that requires much less power than passive speakers and a separate integrated amplifier or similar A/V components.


Audioengine uses audiophile-quality, ferro fluid cooled silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets. Silk tweeters hold up well under high power and the edge-driven design gives very smooth response. The woofers are Kevlar woven glass aramid composite with rubber surrounds. Kevlar is obviously very strong, which means that the woofer retains its shape when being driven at high levels. The speaker materials and construction are robust enough to stand up to some serious thrashing, so speaker grills aren’t needed and they will sound and look great after many years of use.

Power Amplifiers

The amplifiers in Audioengine speakers are located in the left speaker and are a conservatively rated analog design. All components are tuned together for each model, which provides a much more efficient system requiring less power than passive speakers and separate amplifiers. Circuit boards for the power and preamp sections are mounted for maximum mechanical shock protection.

Power Transformers

Power transformers are a large contributor to the overall audio performance, especially in the low end. Again, no off-the-shelf parts. Audioengine uses gapless core toroidal transformers which have a tighter radiated magnetic field, directly translating to lower noise. They are lighter than standard, lower-cost “EI” transformers and also generate less heat.


Both drivers are directly video shielded and allow the user to place the speakers within a few inches of a video monitor. This shielding also offers protection for hard-drive digital music players.

USB Power

The Audioengine 5+ includes a 5V, 500mA USB power supply that powers later generation iPod, iPhone, and most other USB “bus-powered” devices. The USB port is for power and charging, not for data transfer or music syncing.


All products we sell have a 1-year Limited Warranty on parts and labour from date of purchase, except for Audioengine products which have a 3-year Limited Warranty on parts and labour from date of purchase.

Your warranty is automatic, so there is no need to register.  

This Limited Warranty applies only to products purchased directly from NZ Audio in New Zealand.  

What is covered

All defective parts or faulty workmanship.

What is not covered

The NZ Audio Warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, excessive moisture, lightning, power surges, other acts of nature, unauthorized product modification or repairs, or failure to follow the instructions provided or available.

What we will do

We will repair or replace any defective parts, at our option, within a reasonable amount of time and free of charge any time during the warranty period. After service, we will be responsible for shipping the product back to you at our expense within New Zealand.

What we ask from you

You will be responsible for shipping or transportation charges directly to NZ Audio at your expense and for providing proof of purchase. We recommend that you keep your proof of purchase and the original shipping materials, as it is important that you package the product so that it will not be damaged during shipping. NZ Audio cannot be responsible for any damages incurred during shipping due to poor packing, so please pack well and insure your shipment.

How to obtain NZ Audio Warranty Service

If you have any questions about your warranty coverage or you think you may need service, please email us. We will do everything we can to answer your questions and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Exclusive Remedy

This Limited Warranty is fully transferable provided that the current owner furnishes the original proof of purchase and that the serial number on the product is intact. THE MAXIMUM LIABILITY OF NZ AUDIO SHALL NOT EXCEED THE ACTUAL PURCHASE PRICE PAID BY YOU FOR THE PRODUCT. IN NO EVENT SHALL NZ AUDIO BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INDIRECT DAMAGES.

Highet Agencies Ltd trading as NZ Audio.

Christchurch, New Zealand.

August 2017.


Built-in power amplifiers
Remote control
Improved thermal management
RCA and mini-jack audio inputs
Front panel volume control
USB power charge port
Variable preamp audio output
Gold-plated connectors
Full-size 5-way speaker binding posts
Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
Hand-built MDF wood cabinets
Magnetically shielded
Advance tuned cabinet with rear-ported waveguide
Stand-mount 1/4″ threaded inserts
Cables included

Works With

Any computer (Mac or PC)
iPod, iPhone, and iPad (all iDevices)
Audioengine wireless audio adapters
Apple Airport Express + AirPlay
Any product with mini-jack or RCA outputs

What’s in the box

(1) A5+ powered (left) speaker
(1) A5+ passive (right) speaker
(1) Remote control
(1) Speaker wire (16AWG), 3.75 meters (~12.3ft)
(1) Detachable power cord
(1) Mini-jack audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5ft)
(1) RCA to RCA audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5ft)
(2) Cloth speaker bag
(1) Cloth cable bag
(1) Setup Guide
(1) Product line brochure

Materials and Construction

1″ thick MDF cabinet
5″ Kevlar woofers with advanced voice coils
20mm silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets
Torroidal power transformers

All of the simple but useful features and same signature sound of the award-winning A5+ wrapped in rock solid and beautifully hand-finished bamboo. Bamboo is an excellent alternative to hardwoods and the dark bamboo used for the Audioengine A5+N cabinets is not a stain, but achieved through a specialized heating process. As the wood is pressure heated, the sugar compounds inside the bamboo are “carbonized” which in turn darkens the bamboo to a rich caramel color. Awesome sound, great looks, eco-friendly, and panda-safe.

A5+N Eco-friendly features

Made from renewable and sustainable solid bamboo – no veneers
No stains or paint used – naturally “carbonized” finish sealed with hand-rubbed water-based satin polyurethane

Other green facts and features

Audioengine products are now 1002.000000e+0ad-free and meet the EU’s RoHS initiative
All speaker cabinet materials use environmentally-friendly binders and resins
Formaldehyde-free adhesives are used in our cabinet assembly
All Audioengine products meet ENERGY STAR requirements in standby
Limited use of plastics in our products
Easy-to-recycle packaging