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    These noise-cancelling Digital Silence DS-321D Stereo Headphone produce a comprehensive sound  and successfully get rid of continuous background noise It's more typical to see sound-isolating headphones than their noise-cancelling competitors. This is in many methods unsurprising-- the circuitry and power supply essential for active noise cancellation (ANC) makes earphones that use it more pricey and more power-hungry than their passive competitors. However, they're also more reliable at getting rid of consistent background noise such as the hum of computer systems, engine noise or the rush of air, although not everyone can use them easily. The DS-321D earphones are fairly priced for a noise-cancelling set. They're also particularly compact-- the control and battery unit determines simply 15x42x8mm and it has a tough metal clip that makes it easy to connect to your belt. It does not require non reusable batteries, however is rather charged by means of a supplied micro USB lead. The rechargeable battery needs to last for 14 hours of usage and is substantially smaller than the AAA cell utilized by some rivals. The active sound cancelling was really effective, getting rid of the noise of the wind shouting outside, in addition to our cooling, servers and heater. The cancellation circuitry didn't make much hiss, either, although we might hear it when we weren't playing music. The earphones themselves produced a pleasingly detailed sound, however we marvelled how quiet they were, even with ANC handicapped. The volume dropped further when we switched on noise cancelling. There was distinct bass and the mid-tones sounded rich, together producing a powerful, emphatic sound, however only once we showed up the volume on our audio sources. Treble tones were likewise crisp without being too extreme. This is a compact and fairly priced set of earphones that's especially good if you wish to eliminate ecological sound. It features 3 sizes of silicone dome ear tip and is suitable with Comply's T-400 foam ear tips. The set likewise has a four-pole 3.5 mm stereo plug, allowing its built-in microphone to work with smart phones without affecting compatibility with MP3 gamers.