Firestone Audio –FSA Redkey USB To S/PDIF Translator

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Firestone Audio –FSA Redkey USB To S/PDIF Translator

USB Translator 96k

With the popularity of digital music, PC has become the most common way to restore music. But are you tired of the few choices of output interface that PC has to offer? RedKey transforms your audio signal to coaxial output through USB interface, which ignites your passion to music. Enjoy the excellence of sound quality! Immerse in the sensation of musical feast!

  • 24Bit USB to S/PDIF converter
  • 24bit / 96K
  • Connects to a USB slot
  • Outputs clean digital audio
  • Works on any Mac, Windows and Linux PC
  • No drivers required
  • 80.15mm x 20.4mm x 18.1mm



* USB interface (A type) * Digital output Coaxial jack

System Requirements

* Windows XP/ Vista / 7, MAC OSX and Linux


* RedKey
* Warranty card


* Weight: 78g
* Net Weight: 24g

* Size(H*W*D): 157mm * 68mm * 53mm
* Net Size: 80mm * 20mm * 18mm

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