Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

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Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver


Audioengine’s B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver is the affordable, simple wireless home audio solution we’ve been waiting for. This neat little product connects to your audio system in a snap, adding the latest version of wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 protocols and the apt-X codec. These technologies extend the range up to 30 metres and make for superior audio reproduction.

Easy Setup

The Audioengine B1 Bluetooth receiver is a small audio accessory that adds Bluetooth playback capabilities to any audio system. The B1 is an easy way to get great-sounding wireless music from your device out to any music system. It comes complete with everything you need – a USB power supply, stereo RCA interconnects and a microfibre carry bag.

Setup and pairing are effortless and no special software is required. Here’s how to connect B1 to your music system and pair with your tablet, computer, or Smartphone:

  • From the B1 rear panel to your music system, connect the included audio cables that come with it.
  • Connect and plug the included power adapter to B1 and the AC outlet respectively. B1 will automatically go into pair mode.
  • On your device, turn on Bluetooth and select “Audioengine B1” to pair and connect.
  • Play your music. Setup is tha easy!


After so many years of enduring the poor audio quality of most Bluetooth products, uninspiring with limited range, the B1 solves these problems by implementing the apt-X codec which is a high-quality audio converter designed specifically for audio. The B1 also has special circuitry and a precision-tuned antenna to extend the wireless range, providing much more versatility than other Bluetooth receivers.

Now is the time to upgrade your Bluetooth and breathe new life into your audio system. You already have Bluetooth on your tablet, computer, or iDevice, so get more out of it and experience stunning audio with the Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Receiver including apt-X, 24-bit upsampling DAC, and extended range.

See and Hear the Difference

The minuscule aluminum B1 measures 1 by 3.5 by 4 inches (HWD), with a front panel that has a small, adjustable antenna and a white, backlit Pairing/Status button. The material of design of the B1 reflects the traditional Audioengine design and the high-quality components and audio fidelity, a commitment to great sound at affordable prices. It is evident that the Audioengine B1 continues to close the gap between your computer music and home hi-fi and even if you’re not a fan of audio hi-fi gadgets, we guarantee your music will sound better.


Easy setup, connects in seconds 
Plug-n-play, no software to install
Superior sound and extended range
Streams audio from any media player (iTunes, Amarra, Youtube, etc.) 
Connects to any music system with an audio input

What’s in the box

(1) B1 Receiver
(1) RCA audio cable (3ft/1m) 
(1) Power adapter with detachable cable
(1) Microfiber bag
(1) Setup guide

Works with

Any Bluetooth-enabled computer or other device
Powered speakers
Any music system with an audio input

About Bluetooth® and aptX®

Our Bluetooth products easily connect to any of your devices that have Bluetooth, but to get the best sound possible we recommend using a device that supports Bluetooth aptX. Find out more about aptX here:

And if you’re looking for a new smartphone, tablet, or computer with aptX or want to look up your device and see if it supports aptX, go here to check out what’s available:

And for iPad or iPhone users that don’t have aptX, don’t despair! MacOS (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini) include Bluetooth aptX, however if you use an iPhone or iPad, Apple generally uses the AAC codec and doesn’t support aptX. AAC sounds really good as well and you.

Bluetooth receiver type

Bluetooth 5.0 audio

Supported Bluetooth codecs

SBC, aptx

Supported Bluetooth profiles





Stereo analog RCA
Digital optical (SPDIF)

Required power

5V, 200mA

Operation range

up to 100ft (30m) typical

Full-scale output

2.0V RMS

Output impedance

57 Ohms

D/A converter

AKM AK4396

Power filtering

3-stage redundant regulation


SNR (DC to 20 kHz) 


(1 kHz FS 96 kS/s) <0.02%

Frequency response

10Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.5dB)



Input bit depth

24-bit (upsampled)

Input data rate

Determined by Bluetooth


~30 milliseconds (ms)

Product dimensions

3.5 x 4.0 x 1”

Shipping weight

1.0lbs (0.5kg)

Shipping box dimensions

11 x 7 x 3″

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature: 32° to 105°F (0°C to 40°C) 
Storage temperature: -4° to 115°F (-20°C to 46°C) 
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

Included accessories

RCA audio cable (3ft/1m) 
Power adapter with detachable cable
Microfiber bag
Setup guide

Technical Features

Supports all Bluetooth-enabled devices
High-fidelity Bluetooth® with aptX® transmission and extended range
Stream high-resolution 24-bit digital audio from the Audioengine B1 to any music system. 
Includes built-in AKM4396 DAC for superior 24-bit upsampled playback
Aluminum case with audiophile-grade connectors
Analog and optical outputs
2.0Vrms maximum output level

Experience stunning audio quality with aptX® coding, built-in 24-bit upsampling DAC, and extended wireless range.

DAC Characteristics

The B1 Bluetooth Receiver utilizes the AKM AK4396A DAC, widely known for its low noise and high fidelity. B1 is essentially an upsampling 24-bit Bluetooth DAC and will pad all bit depths internally to 24-bits, thus achieving a higher signal-to-noise ratio. Due to the AK4396A

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